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The son of an Italian anti-fascist in Moscow.

The son of an Italian anti-fascist in Moscow.

08.09.2019 yesterday To Moscow has arrived the Italian delegation headed by the President of the Association “Humanity in the war” Paulo Pascolo.

General Director of the Foundation “Zur Art” Marat shakirzyanov handed me a book “What an amazing guy” in Russian son Italian anti-fascist Author – Paulo Pascolo.

The official presentation of the book will be held at a Press conference on September 10 at 10: 00 in the house of journalists (Moscow, Nikitsky Bula. 8A).

“What an amazing guy” is a historical novel by Ferdinand Pascolo-alias “Silla” originally from Friuli, about an Italian soldier who fought on Russian territory and then, on the side of guerrilla resistance against fascism in Italy.

Very expensive are the words of our Italian partner – Paulo Pascolo : “Finally it happened!”


In the evening at the General table discussed the plan of interaction between Russia and Italy.

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