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Italian colleagues in Moscow. On the eve of the Press conference.

Italian colleagues in Moscow. On the eve of the Press conference.

The Foundation “Zur Art” meets members of the international press conference which will take place on 10 September in “domjour” on the Big Nikitsky.

Yesterday we met Andrea Picchielli.

Andrea Picchielli –РHead of the group of the party “League” for relations with the municipality of Empoli ( Italy) .

Chairman of the first Commission of the municipality of Empoli (Italy) .
Coordinator of the youth League in the province of Tuscany (Florence – Italy).
One of the direct participants of projects related to international relations in the “youth League” (Italy) .

We invite you to the press conference. Admission is free.
September 10 at 10.00 in the Central house of journalists (Nikitsky bull. 8A, Moscow) held the official presentation of the Russian edition of the historical novel-autobiography, “What an amazing guy,” the Italian anti-fascist Ferdinando Pascolo (alias “sillа”), was organized by the Foundation “Zur Art” with the support Italian-Russian chamber of Commerce, the Union of journalists of Russia, the Embassy of Italy, public and political figures of the Russian Federation.
The book was translated and released by the Zur Art Foundation with the support of the Italian-Russian chamber of Commerce.

On the photo: Amirova Alfiya – President of “International Womens Union “, the Executive Director of the Foundation “Zur Art”, Andrea Picchielli, Anna Sviridova.


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