Presentation of the historical novel by Ferdinand Pascolo “What an amazing guy”

“What an amazing guy “is a historical novel by Ferdinand Pascolo – the pseudonym” Silla ” originally from Friuli, about an Italian soldier who fought on Russian territory, and then on the side of guerrilla resistance against fascism in Italy.The Foundation “Zur Art” has started to translate the book “What an amazing guy” and plans to present the book in Moscow

A series of photo exhibitions ” Hero Cities and cities of Military Glory”

Fund “Zur Art” together with the Association “Humanity in the war” has begun to implement a series of photo exhibitions in Italy, dedicated to cities of Heroes and cities of Military Glory in the field of cultural exchange and to hold similar exhibitions of Italian anti-fascist movement in the city of Heroes and cities of Military Glory that will significantly strengthen the Patriotic tourism in the territory of the Russian Federation.


Photo exhibition dedicated to the memory of the dead journalists of the Russian Federation in hot spots.

The profession of journalist has been and remains one of the most dangerous in both peacetime and wartime. Media workers are deliberately risking their lives to let us know the truth. The Foundation “Zur Art” plans to hold photo exhibitions in Russia and Italy, dedicated to the memory of the dead journalists in the performance of professional duties in hot spots since 1992.

Information portal of AMBASSADORIAL LIFE

-The portal was created to inform the audience about the events and activities of Foreign embassies in Russia.
-Formation and maintenance of a positive image of bilateral relations between our countries
-Presentation of the most complete objective and professional information in various areas.
-Organization and holding of press conferences, conferences, briefings, round tables.

Photo exhibition ” Soviet partisans in the Italian Resistance»

This is the name of the exhibition of photographs and documents dedicated to the anti-fascist movement in Italy during the Second World war. Italian resistance was one of the most powerful In Europe, in its ranks also fought escaped prisoners of war from the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition. In some parts of Italy a huge role was played by guerrilla groups and underground groups, in which Soviet prisoners of war actively participated. Those were about five thousand, of which one in ten died. legendary members of the Italian Resistance: Fyodor Poletaev, Nikolai Buyanov, Daniel Avdeev, fore Mosulishvili were awarded the highest award of Italy for a feat on the battlefield – a gold medal “for military valor”. Fedor Poletaev, fore Mosulishvili, Mehti Hussein-zadeh were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.





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