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Peaceful atom of Uzbekistan.

Peaceful atom of Uzbekistan.

During the trip to Uzbekistan, the Editor-in-Chief of the Online publication “embassy life” Marat Shakirzyanov visited the Information Center for Atomic Technologies (ICAT).

Ravshanova Gulrukhsor, Head of the Information Service of the Atomic Energy Development Agency under the Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan, conducted a tour and told about the activities of ICAT.

“Despite our “young age”, a number of important and interesting events for visitors were held at the ICAT site. Thanks to our educational lectures, regular excursions, weekly columns and online quizzes, daily publications, open days, science and atom festivals, people have begun to have a more positive attitude towards the nuclear industry. Visitors of ICAT began to understand a little about the principles of NPP operation, in the medical application of nuclear technologies. Until today, 1073 people have visited our center,” Gulrukhsor shared.

Aziza Zhumaniezova, Chief Specialist of the press service of the Uzatom agency, introduced the NPP device and the work of MRI on mockups.

Aziza Zhumaniezova, Chief Specialist of the press service of the Uzatom Agency, introduces visitors to the NPP device

Information Center for Nuclear Technologies (ICAT) – this is a joint project of the Uzatom Agency and the Rosatom State Corporation, which was opened on May 15, 2019 in Tashkent and managed to become a platform for residents of Uzbekistan and guests of the country where everyone can learn what an atom is, how a nuclear power plant works, in which non-energy areas nuclear technologies are used and much more. The exposition of the center is designed for visitors of different ages – schoolchildren, students and adults.

The Information Center for Nuclear Technologies (ESAT) often hosts open lectures, talk shows and online lectures with well-known experts from Uzbekistan and Russia:

  • talk show “Let’s disassemble into atoms” (2020);
    Online workshop “Entertaining Science” (2020);
    expert Kosym Tukhtakhunov held a talk show “A child’s question to a scientist” (2020);
    an open lecture by an expert in the nuclear field of the expert of the Agency “Puzatom” Kasym Tokhtakhunov (2021);
    The personnel core for the country’s nuclear industry, this was told by the expert Kosym Tokhtakhunov (2022);
    A talk show with experts of the Uzatom Agency (2022) was held as part of the “Science and Atom Festival”
    “How to choose a profession of the future for yourself?” with Ilya Kabanov (2020);
    master class “Science and Innovation: research, write and monetize” Dmitry Gorchakov (online) (2020);
    online lecture on the topic: “How environmentally friendly is nuclear power?” by Russian expert Dmitry Gorchakov (2021);
    there was a discussion “Radiation in nature and everyday life” with expert Andrey Akatov (2022);
    an online lecture “Everything will be fine: how science and technology will change people’s lives by 2050” with Ilya Kabanov (2022).

Also, the Information Center regularly organizes events, cooperating with students and schoolchildren, as well as guests from various organizations, ministries and foreign delegations come:

  • Drawing contest “Energy through the eyes of children” (2020-2021);
    On November 27 and 28, 2020, the second Science and Atom Festival was held remotely (2020);
    the Information Center for Atomic Technologies of the Uzatom Agency was visited by a delegation of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation (2021);
    Representatives of the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan in ICAT (2021);
    As part of the “Day of Science” in Russia, an excursion to the ICAT (2020-2021) was held;
    In honor of the “International Children’s Day”, the Uzatom Agency held an “Open Day” at the Information Center for Nuclear Technologies (ICAT) (2021);
    Opening of the social block of the branch of the Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education National Research Nuclear University “MEPhI” in Tashkent (2021);
    A meeting was held between the Director General of the Uzatom Agency and students of the Technical Institute of Edzhu and Webster University in ITSAT (2021);
    The third “Science and Atom Festival” (2021);
    Forum “Inclusion in Sports, culture and tourism in the Tashkent branch of MEPhI (2021);
    Nuclear Physics and VR: how did modern technology and science become friends? (2022);
    An excursion and an open discussion were held for guides of the Institute of Tourism Development under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Uzbekistan (2022);
    How to tell students about nuclear technologies? (2022);
    The Russian House in Tashkent, together with the Rosatom State Corporation and the Uzatom Agency, held a “Lesson in numbers” at school 286 in the village of Ulugbek. (2022);
    With the support of ICAT, a socio-ecological project presentation was held with students of the academic lyceum International House Tashkent TIIIMSH in the Tashkent branch of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (2022).

It is important to note that the center’s activities are non-profit, visits and all educational events are free for guests of the center.

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