Presentation of the book “What an amazing guy” in Moscow.

Gentlemen, we invite You to the press conference!
September 10 at 10.00 in the House of journalists (Nikitsky bul. 8A, Moscow) held the official Presentation of the Russian edition of the historical novel “a wonderful guy”- Italian anti-fascist Ferdinand Pascolo – nickname “Cilla”, organized by the Foundation “Zur Art”, with the support Italian-Russian chamber of Commerce, the Union of Journalists of Russia, the Embassy of Italy, Public and political figures of the Russian Federation.
The book was translated and released By the Fund “Zur Art” with the support of the Italian-Russian chamber of Commerce.
The delegation included:
• Professor Paolo Pascolo (son of the author Ferdinando)
• Professor of historical University of Pavia – Marika Sort
• Antonio Rigaud – one of the initiators of the Association “humanity within the war»
• Giovanni Aviani – Creator of the memorial
• Professor Paola Del DIN-winner of the gold medal for military valor, co-Chairman of the Association.
“What an amazing guy” is a historical novel by Ferdinand Pascolo – the pseudonym “Silla” originally from Friuli, about an Italian soldier who fought on Russian territory, and then on the side of guerrilla resistance against fascism in Italy.
At the presentation of the book will be told:
• about the history of the book “What an amazing guy»;
• on the activities of the Association “Humanity in war” (Italy, Udine);
• on the activities of anti-fascist organizations in Italy and Europe in accordance with the UN security Council resolution “Against the glorification of fascism»
• on the monument erected in the city of Redipuglia (Italy) in memory of the dead journalists in hot spots;
• holding of the Annual Conference on military journalism in Italy;
• about the planned exhibition devoted to the Russian journalists who died in the hot spots from 4 to 12 October at the University of Udine, where he will be handed a list of names of journalists killed in Russia for inclusion in the Golden book of memory.
The Association “Humanity in the war” (Italy, Udine), a monument to journalists who died in the hot spots since 1992. worldwide in Bologna, Italy.
On may 3, 2018. solemn opening of the monument. The opening was attended by the official authorities of Italy, the clergy, the Italian journalistic community, representatives of military departments and other public figures.
At the monument, a Golden book of memory was created, where the names of the dead journalists are inscribed and which is replenished by all journalistic organizations of the world. The book is kept in the Church “Queen of peace” (the memory of all the mothers who lost sons in the war) in Radipole.
Official partner of the Association “Humanism in the war” in Russia is the Fund of support of cultural initiatives “Zur Art”.

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