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Presentation of the book ” What an amazing guy”

Presentation of the book ” What an amazing guy”

September 10, 2019. at 10.00 in the capital of Russia in Moscow in the Central House of journalists (Nikitsky bul. 8A) held a press conference, which included the official Presentation of the Russian-language edition of the historical novel “What an amazing guy” – Italian antifascist Ferdinand Pascolo-alias “Silla”, organized By the Fund” Zur Art”, with the support of the Italian-Russian chamber of Commerce, the Union of Journalists of Russia, with the participation of the Italian Embassy, Public figures and journalists.

The book was translated and released at the expense Of the Fund “Zur Art”.

Technical translation –Amir Norimov

Literary translation – Eugene Zubarev

General Director of the Fund “Zur Art” – Marat shakirzyanov opened the press conference

Welcoming remarks were made:

  • Alexander Muromsky-Deputy Secretary General of the Assembly of peoples of Eurasia, and a Member of the General Council of the Assembly of peoples of Eurasia, Chairman of the Committee on national sports, Chairman of the club “Eurasian Business club”,11-time record holder of the Guinness Book of records.
  • Angelika Igorevna Petrova-Dobrovolskaya-Press Secretary of the Italian-Russian chamber of Commerce.
    Paulo Pascolo-Co-President of the Association “Humanity inside the war”, Professor at the University of Udine (Italy)

At the outset Paulo Pascolo at a press conference, read a welcoming letter from the mayor of the city Radipole and President of the Association “Humanity within the war,” partisan, winner of the gold medal for valor and courage of Mrs. Paola Del DIN.

The son of the author-Paulo Pascolo noted that his father, despite the fact that he fought against Russia – never killed anyone and the reason for this was the case when a Russian woman saved him and provided a bed in his house. After this fateful meeting – Ferdinando Pascolo decided for himself that he does not want and can not fight against Russia and the Russian people are not the enemy, because this fight was invented not by ordinary people, but by the authorities and the regime.

It is worth noting that the book “What an amazing guy” describes a particularly dramatic moment in the life of the author, when one of the dark nights he turned to the sky with the question: “God, what am I looking for here? This is not my land, not my sky… why did we come here, what are we looking for here?”

Russian Russian woman who saved the protagonist, according to the author of the book was created a sculpture of the virgin Mary, the image that was created entirely from the description of the Russian woman. The sculpture is in the Church “Queen of Peace” in the city Redipuglia and personifies a symbol of all mothers who lost sons in the war. Under the statue, on a pedestal, engraved the words from the Book: “Enough weapons.  Enough wars. Enough torture. Frostbites’. Hanged. Deaths. Family. Work. That’s all she wrote.”.

Also, a quote from the book was the theme of one of the annual youth congresses “day of global ethics” of UNESCO, and to this day this phrase is the motto of ethics and morality around the world.

Paolo Pascolo noted the need for socially significant programs aimed at educating the younger generation. Inside the project ” Humanity inside the war “was presented an international children’s competition based on the book”What a wonderful guy.” Professor of the University of Pavia, historian – Marika Roda told more about it. Every year a solemn ceremony of awarding the participants and the winner is awarded a gold medal ” Memory of Silla “(memory of the author of the book), the medal is transferable and transferred from school to school.

The importance and uniqueness of this project and stressed the representative of the Italian political movement “League”, the leader of the youth movement of Italy – Andrea Piccioli. He noted that this project is able not only to remind young generations of the importance of preventing the recurrence of those tragic events, but also that the competition can unite young people from different countries, because the issue of international cooperation is the most pressing topic of our time.

At the end of the presentation of the book the guests of the press conference expressed their opinions and wishes:

  • Liepin Lana V. – Specialist in state and municipal administration, political scientist, lawyer, journalist, psychologist, social-political figure.
  • Anna Vasilets-President of Atlas Zdorovye group of companies, Member of the General Council of Delovaya Rossiya LLC.
  • Victoria Zubareva-Vice-President of the international Union of Women, Founder and owner of the Russian brand of individual tailoring of outerwear BellaVita.
  • Evgeny Zubarev – member of the team Of the Fund “Zur Art”, literary translation of the book “What an amazing guy” and others.

A photo shoot was held after the press conference. Each of the guests received a gift book “What an amazing guy” with an autograph and wishes of Paulo Pascolo.

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