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New Uzbekistan – new achievements.

New Uzbekistan – new achievements.

During the trip to Tashkent, the Editor-in-Chief of the Online publication “Embassy Life” Marat Shakirzyanov met with Etibor Sultanova – Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor of UMED. UZ and Nizamova Mavludakhon -Head of the Department of Organizational Control and Analysis of the Committee of Family and Women of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

We discussed the adoption of the updated Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, talked about the interaction of our countries, the development of the women’s movement and the possibility of mutual development.

In particular, Etibor Sultanova noted that the current version of the Constitution incorporated the present and future priorities in the development and formation of the New Uzbekistan. Representatives of various fields took part in its creation: lawyers, political scientists, economists, representatives of state and non-state organizations, mass media, civil society institutions. The experience of developed countries was taken into account.

Marat Shakirzyanov spoke about the work of the NGO “International Union of Women”, about international projects in the field of culture, education and women’s development, such as :

Earlier, the online publication “Embassy Life” told about the preparation of the adoption of the updated Constitution in the Republic of Uzbekistan

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