Festival of arts and crafts ” Hands of a woman”

THE WINNER OF THE PRESIDENTIAL GRANTS COMPETITION 2017. The festival “Hands of a Woman” is an exhibition of applied art, Ethnography, charity auction of folk crafts, charity events, fashion shows, photo exhibitions, concerts with ethnographic groups.

Within the Festival, it is planned to assist in the organization of regional qualifying stages in 85 subjects of the Russian Federation, then holding an interregional Festival in Kazan with the participation of the winners of the qualifying rounds. As a result, the organization in Strasbourg (France) of the international exhibition-fair with the participation of the 15 best winners of the interregional stage of the Festival “Hands of Women”.




International forum-exhibition “Hands of a woman”

3-4noyabrya 2018года in Strasbourg, France (Palais des Congres) will be presented to the international forum-exhibition “woman Hands”.

Forum-exhibition “Hands of Women” is an exhibition of decorative and applied art, Ethnography, charity events, fashion shows, photo exhibitions, concerts with ethnographic groups.

The forum-exhibition “Hands of Women” is a flexible, dynamic, large-scale structure, which is created to solve urgent problems and issues facing women around the world.

The forum-exhibition “Hands of Women” is a unique platform for uniting women of different confessions and political views, which is planned to discuss the most relevant topics.




International project of photographic art ” world Heritage through the eyes of the photographer»

The international project of photographic art “the world Heritage through the eyes of the photographer ” is a huge platform that allows to show the” cultural unity ” of Nations through the ideology of family and family values:

  • The image of mother and daughter in national costumes of different Nations;
  • The image of a child in fairy tale heroes of Nations.
  • Personal photo exhibition “Venetian clock” dedicated to Italy through the eyes of a Russian photographer by Yuri Zheludev



International competition ” the Image of mother and children in national costumes of the world”

The international competition “the Image of mother and children in national costumes of the peoples of the world”allows to show the national color of the peoples of the world through the expression of the diversity of culture of the nation through the national costume, through the talented works of photographers.

The international photo contest “the Image of mother and children in national costumes of different Nations of the world” implies selection of the best works, organization and holding of an exclusive exhibition in Russia, Italy, France and other countries of the world



International children’s photo contest ” Plunge into a fairy tale!»

International children’s photo contest “Plunge into a fairy tale”, which allows to show the national color of the countries through the expression of the diversity of culture of the nation through the images of fairy-tale characters and characters from folk tales, embodied by the talented work of children’s photo artist and children from 5 to 15 years.





International social marketing Agency”ISBA”

ISBA-provides social marketing and international communications.

ISBA Marketing Agency is an Agency created by professionals in the field of management consulting, Analytics and political technologies, advertising and public relations, production and implementation of event events.





Presentation of women’s business and women’s organizations of foreign countries in Russia.

Presentation of women’s business and women’s organizations of foreign countries in Russia.”Women of business” international cooperation is an active contribution to the development of all levels of international women’s business in Russia, improving material well-being, the formation of a professional business environment, which ultimately is a significant contribution to the formation of a civilized, socially responsible women’s business.



A series of photo exhibitions ” Hero Cities and cities of Military Glory”

Fund “Zurat” together with the Association “Humanity in the war” has begun to implement a series of photo exhibitions in Italy, dedicated to cities of Heroes and cities of Military Glory in the field of cultural exchange and to hold similar exhibitions of Italian anti-fascist movement in the city of Heroes and cities of Military Glory that will significantly strengthen the Patriotic tourism in the territory of the Russian Federation.



Photo exhibition ” Soviet partisans in the Italian Resistance»

This is the name of the exhibition of photographs and documents dedicated to the anti-fascist movement in Italy during the Second World war. Italian resistance was one of the most powerful In Europe, in its ranks also fought escaped prisoners of war from the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition. In some parts of Italy, a huge role was played by guerrilla groups and underground groups, in which Soviet prisoners of war actively participated. There were about five thousand of them, one in ten of them died. legendary members of the Italian Resistance: Fedor Poletaev, Nikolai Buyanov, Daniel Avdeev, Faur Mosulishvili were awarded the highest award of Italy for the feat on the battlefield – the gold medal “for military valor”. The title of Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded to Fedor Poletaev, fore Mosulishvili, Mehti Hussein-zade.



International club for the harmonious development of women

«Zur Art»

I am pleased to welcome you to the international club of harmonious development of women “Zur Art”. We collect women and topics for live communication and easy learning in popular and rare areas – what is really important to understand or just want, but there is no place to learn, to reveal your creativity in our master classes.

The club “ZurArt” is a place where active, strong and interesting women who study life, learn to understand themselves and others, are ready to learn from others ‘ experience and share their own.
The club “ZurArt” – knowledge and skills that allow you to get more pleasure from life, to reveal their inner potential-trying new and discovering unknown facets of the usual.
The club “Zur Art” is a personal communication – value on which our development is based. We always prefer real meetings to virtual ones.
The club “Zur Art” is educational programs on-line&off-line, personal consultations, meetings, travel, events – Moscow, Russian cities, foreign countries.



Web Studio ZurArt

Web Studio works for You and Your business all year round! We will be glad to see you among our customers! Our customers become our friends! We are engaged in both small and large projects!

Web Studio ZurArt is ready to become Your guide in the Internet space. Our main field of activity is the production of professional sites for various purposes and topics.




Information portal “the news of the world Tatar”

The site was created to inform the audience about the events in the life of the Tatar people, Tatar communities that exist in the Republic of Tatarstan, in Russia and in the world as a whole.

Presentation of the most complete objective and professional information about the integration of the Tatar people around the world, Tatar organizations, as well as achievements in the life of the Tatars.

The main purpose of the information portal “world Tatar news” is to support compatriots from Tatar communities around the world, to preserve and transmit to our descendants the language, culture, traditions of the Tatar people, as well as the development of intercultural relations with our compatriots from the CIS countries with foreign countries.

We are a team of ideological compatriots, which is engaged in the formation and maintenance of a positive image of the Tatar nation around the world.


Master of national costume-Madina Makhmutova

Master of national costume, member of the chamber of crafts of the RT, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor of design and national arts of KFU (Kazan, Russia). The national traditions of the Volga region peoples are not only a field of scientific research, but also an inexhaustible source of inspiration in the work of Madina Makhmutova. National costumes of peoples in miniature, presented at the exhibition are made on the individual author’s development in the technique of manual work. A variety of decor products-brocade, silk, chiffon, fur, braid, beads, sequins, rhinestones, which allows us to note the high level of quality, the uniqueness of the created image.